While some women may be turned off when their partner ejaculates too soon – not all women really care. To many women – the orgasm is not the ‘end game’ of sex, and other factors are equally or even more important. Read on for another womans perspective of her partner’s premature ejaculation problems.

“My partner has had this happen before. He’s also had Mr. Happy “get sleepy” before we were finished. At some point EVERY guy will have that happen.
But the sex act itself, is just a part of “making love”. He is the kindest lover I have ever had. It starts in the mind, with him telling me how special our love is to him. I can see his love for me, in the twinkle in his blue eyes. After years of being together, we still giggle with giddiness, just being around each other. He still gives me butterflies when he holds my hand as we are walking. I am on Cloud Nine with him.
When you have such a deep love and respect for each other, what happens in the bedroom, is such a small part of the total picture of love. Love is not sex. Love is waking up next to the same person every day, seeing their drooling “morning face” for the ten thousandth time, and still thinking that it is the most wonderful way to start your day. Men are WAY more concerned with what Mr. Happy does, or does not do, than we are.”

So there you go guys, yes – sexual prowess is important to some women – but certainly not all. If you’re not amazing them between the bedsheets there are still many ways you can show them how much you love them – and they’ll love you for it!

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