Good nutrition = Great sex.

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Think that what you eat has no impact on your sexual performance or stamina? Think again! Nutrition plays a huge impact on sexual performance and there are a number of important nutrients and foods that can dramatically reduce your chances of premature ejaculation.

B Vitamins – Formulations for premature ejaculation typically include B vitamins. Folic acid is especially helpful, according to “Doc Herb’s Plant Survivalist,” by Douglas Walf. B vitamins help boost overall health and also help combat stress and anxiety. The recommended daily amount, or RDA, for folic acid is 400 mcg, and the upper limit is 1,000 mcg

Calcium – Premature ejaculation in some cases is linked to high histamine levels, according to “Super Nutrition for Men,” by Ann Louise Gittleman. Histamine causes inflammation in the body and is involved in allergic reactions. The author advises supplementing with calcium to help lower histamine levels. The RDA for calcium for men up to age 50 is 1,000 mg. For ages 51 and older, it’s 1,200 mg. The upper limit is 2,500 mg.

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Blueberry – The blueberry may be often called nature’s ‘REAL little blue pill’ due to its remarkable erectile-supporting properties just similar (although not as rapidly-acting) to the drug Viagra. Unlike Viagra however, blueberries don’t have to have a prescription and possess no troubling side-effects for instance headaches and blurred vision that Viagra can cause. The secret behind blueberries lies in compounds that relax veins inside penis. These arteries should relax (not constrict!) at the proper time as a way to provoke an erection — which might seem counter-intuitive, however it’s true. That’s why being nervous or scared can inhibit a harder erection… due to constrictive physical tension that it creates. Relaxation of the tension helps you to likewise control the ticklish buildup that can lead to premature ejaculation problems.

Dark Chocolate – Dark chocolate has a reputation as a ‘sex food’ and with good cause.

Chocolate contains many substances including Anandamide, which controls the nervous system and can prevent uneven burst of desire that lead to premature ejaculation. Perhaps the best-known sex benefits of chocolate however, are in a substance known as phenylethylamine. PAE for short, works directly with the pleasure center of the brain by releasing dopamine, the key substance that affects how much “pleasure” we find in something. Because chocolate can greatly increase the arousal, passion and sexual energy levels. It can also help break the effects of anxiety and stress in the bedroom.

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Most people – men especially underestimate the relationship between good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle – and optimal sexual performance. As you can see, the foods and nutrients we consume (or fail to consume!) can have a dramatic impact on our sexual performance and stamina. Try to add a few of the items mentioned above and you could see results in the bedroom faster than you think!

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