premature ejaculation and alcohol

Thinking of using alcohol to fight premature ejaculation?

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Alcohol and premature ejaculation. Some men think of alcohol as a way to possibly help delay ejaculation and last longer during sex.

You may want to think again. Many men with premature ejaculation will try using alcohol as a means to prolonging intercourse and making sex last longer. While this occasionally works for some men, it usually causes more problems than it solves – especially since alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction and hamper sexual performance in several ways. In addition, alcohol is a depressant and can cause havoc with your central nervous system. It can also dehydrate you and interfere with blood flow to the genitals.[image width=”285″ height=”194″ align=”right” title=”alcohol and premature ejaculation” alt=”alcohol is not a good treatment for premature ejaculation” border=”” caption=”” zoom=”0″]/images/alcohol-and-premature-ejaculation.jpg[/image]

For men, problems with blood flow can eventually lead to erectile dysfunction – being unable to keep or maintain an erection firm enough for sex. It can happen in one encounter or eventually become a long-term problem. Alcohol can also make it more difficult for men to ejaculate, even if they’re fully aroused.

Male fertility is another casualty of alcohol use. In the long term, men who use alcohol excessively could also have trouble conceiving. Research suggests that drinking five units a week could lower a man’s sperm count and affect the quality of that sperm. Alcohol also provides several negative interactions for women in the area of sexual function. For women, dehydration can cause vaginal dryness. Sex can be uncomfortable or even painful for women when they are not sufficiently lubricated. Women may also have problems reaching orgasm if they’ve had too much to drink.

It probably comes as no surprise that too much alcohol impairs our judgment. We may chuckle about the phrase “beer goggles” – when someone finds a partner more attractive than he or she would in normal circumstances – but lapses in behavioral judgment can have significant health implications. In 2012, a Canadian study found that a person’s willingness to have unsafe sex increased with the amount of alcohol he or she consumed. And in 2013, American scientists reported that the more drinks a woman has before sex, the less likely she is to use a condom with that partner.

Unsafe sex can have a number of complications. Unplanned pregnancy can occur with partners who are ill-prepared to bring a child into the world. Sexually-transmitted infections (STIs) like chlamydia, gonorrhea, and genital herpes are common. Certain types of another STI, human papillomavirus (HPV) can cause cervical, anal, and penile cancers, along with some head and neck cancers and genital warts. And HIV is the STI that causes AIDS.

As most of us know, alcoholic beverages are natural depressants. While certain amounts of alcohol can sometimes help relax the body enough that ejaculation is delayed, more often than not, this slight delay in ejaculation will be over-shadowed by other sexual performance issues caused by the intake of alcohol. Of course, delayed orgasm is considered a negative effect of the over-use of alcohol. That is why if it is going to be used as a treatment for mild cases of premature ejaculation, proper cautions have to be exercised. Constant use of alcoholic drinks as a treatment for the condition may result to many problems, including alcoholism.

[image width=”280″ height=”171″ align=”left” title=”premature ejaculation and alcohol” alt=”alcohol and premature ejaculation don’t mix” border=”” caption=”” zoom=”0″]/images/premature-ejaculation-and-alcohol.jpg[/image]Also, other symptoms of the negatives in using this method have to be avoided. Excessive alcohol use, when allowed to set in, results in erection problems. That is why it shouldn’t be immediately used as a treatment for PE. Consultation with your physician is important in considering taking alcohol as a form of PE medication.

Men would be wise to consider a premature ejaculation pill as a safer and more effective for eliminating premature ejaculation. Just as warned with the other medication treatments for premature ejaculation, abuse of alcohol may well worsen your condition instead of helping to remove it, even though it may seem like a good temporary solution to the problem at first.

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