Gum Disease Linked to Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in Men.


Men with gum disease may be at higher risk for erectile dysfunction (ED).

In a recent study, about three-quarters of men with ED also had gum disease.

Men might have another good reason to brush and floss their teeth. Men with gum disease are more likely to have erectile dysfunction (ED).

Their risk of ED is over two times higher than that of men with healthy gums, according to a recent study in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology.

Gum disease, also called chronic periodontitis, occurs when an infection or inflammation spreads to tissues that hold teeth in position. It often happens when gingivitis, a mild form of inflammation, goes untreated.

Common symptoms include bad breath, bleeding gums, and loose teeth. Some people with gum disease lose their teeth completely. Patients with severe cases may need surgery to clean out bacteria, support the remaining teeth, or remove other teeth so the infection doesn’t spread.

The ED study involved 158 men between the ages of 23 and 69. Eighty men had ED; the rest had normal erections. All of the participants underwent periodontal examinations.

About three-quarters of the men with ED were diagnosed with gum disease.

This isn’t the first time scientists have found an association between ED and gum disease. Back in 2012, Turkish researchers had similar results, suggesting that problems with blood vessels might play a role.

Luckily, gum disease is fairly easy to prevent by brushing and flossing daily. Regular dental checkups are important, too.

Men who notice changes in their gums or teeth should see their dentist as soon as they can.


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