How to Last Longer in bed.

Many guys suffer from the problem of premature ejaculation – and even those who don’t technically “qualify” as early ejaculators – usually would be happy to add a few minutes to their love-making time trials. Here are 10 tips to help you prevent premature ejaculation and last longer in bed:

1) •Master Masturbation – We all know women take longer to climax than men. Try masturbating with a woman’s typical time to orgasm in mind – not your own. Instead of trying to reach the finish line as fast as possible when masturbating – bring yourself close (otherwise known as ‘edging’) but don’t let yourself ejaculate until time is up. Work up to 15-minutes, then try for 20. In no time you’ll be an ejaculation master!

2) •Squeeze – If you’re getting close to ejaculating during sex, stop and squeeze right below the head of your penis, focusing the pressure on the urethra. This pushes blood out of the penis momentarily and represses the ejaculatory response.

3) •Pinpoint Ejaculatory Inevitability – The process of sexual response has four phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. The trick is to recognize the spectrum of feelings throughout the process. Rate your sexual excitement on a scale of 1 to 10. Try keeping yourself at 7.

4) •Sexercise – When it comes to premature ejaculation – and overall sexual performance – Kegel exercises are a man’s best friend. Sorry rover! A Kegel is an exercise that helps tighten muscles responsible for ejaculatory control. Become familiar with them by cutting off the flow of urine and then starting and stopping it repeatedly. Once you have the exercise down, practice your Kegels anywhere: at your desk, Thanksgiving dinner, or setting up base camp at Everest. Tighten your muscles and hold for a count of 10, then release.

5) •Press, Don’t Thrust – Long deep thrusts increase penile sensation and can help spark premature ejaculation. Instead, try pressing the end of your penis into her clitoral head occassionally. Linger in her vaginal entrance, where the most sensitive nerve endings are. When you do have intercourse, focus on small, shallow movements that penetrate the first 2 to 3 inches of her vagina.

6) •Show a Little Courtesy – We’ve all heard the saying “Ladies, first!”, now haven’t we gentlemen? This holds true for opening doors and sexual escapades as well. When you help her have an orgasm first, it relieves you of some of the pressure to please and the psychological anxiety that feeds into PE. Plus – she’ll be so busy catching her breath she won’t even be paying attention to what YOU’RE doing afterwards! Just kidding!

7) •Ask Your Doctor About Prozac – A recent study showed that 73 percent of men who suffered from premature ejaculation either were cured or improved after taking 20 milligrams of Prozac a day for a week and 40 mg thereafter. Not keen on loading up on drugs? Try a natural approach – several natural premature ejaculation supplements work just as well as pharmaceutical drugs without the side effects – PLUS they’re much less expensive

8) •Go for a Second Round – Don’t worry about the score in ‘regulation’ – focus on scoring in ‘overtime’. Shrug off an early emission with some extra attention to her arousal (yes, it means staying awake), then get back in the saddle. Most men last much longer the second time around. And the more you practice, the longer that first time will last.

9) •Let Her Climb On – The missionary position, or other positions where the man controls the thrusing increase the likelihood of premature ejaculation. Let her drive for awhile – when she’s on top, your penis is less stimulated. And ask her to go slowly—long and fast thrusting is extremely hazardous to a man’s endurance.

10) •Stop Thinking of Your Orgasm – Enjoy the ride – it’s not just about the destination. The area of the brain responsible for triggering orgasm is engaged whether you’re trying to have one or halt one. The more attention you give it, the more likely it is to arrive. Focus on what’s happening now—her silky thighs on your hips, say—and you’ll diffuse pleasure throughout your whole body.

These are 10 simple tricks that any guy can use to seriously increase the amount of time he can last during sex. Practice these tips regularly and pretty soon you’ll have a hard time even remembering what premature ejaculation is. Focus on the overall experience and satisfying your partner – and soon you can both be enjoying the best sex of your lives!

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