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Are you taking too long? How to Ejaculate Faster

[image width=”350″ height=”225″ align=”left” title=”man can’t ejaculate” alt=”man can’t ejaculate” border=”” caption=”” zoom=”0″]/images/man-cant-ejaculate.jpg[/image] Is there actually a problem with men who need to ejaculate faster? For most men – the problem is how to last longer during sex. However, there are some men who actually have problems ejaculating in a “reasonable” amount of time – and many of them actually wish they could ejaculate faster!

Although that’s a problem many of us would LOVE to have – it actually sounds better than it really is. Despite what guys might say – no one really wants it to take 45 minutes to an hour simply to have an orgasm. For these men, the problem is tantamount to the EXACT OPPOSITE of premature ejaculation.

There is much said about premature ejaculation, and there are many men who suffer from this problem. However, there are men who have the opposite issue – they have real trouble with ejaculating. Some men simply can’t manage to climax, no matter what they are doing, even if it is very stimulating oral sex. Some of these men need to masturbate in order to get off at all. Learning how to ejaculate faster while having sex might help remedy the problem.

Readers contact us quite frequently with e-mails complaining that they simply cannot achieve orgasm, whether it be via oral sex or intercourse. However, these same men have no problem reaching orgasm when they masturbate. Is this normal? Read on to find out more.

Why can’t I have a climax during sex?

[image width=”350″ height=”197″ align=”right” title=”man takes to long to ejaculate” alt=” boyfriend takes too long to cum” border=”” caption=”” zoom=”0″]/images/man-cant-ejaculate2.jpg[/image] There are a number of reasons that some men cannot achieve orgasm with their partner, and one common culprit is an old friend that most guys have become quite acquainted with – masturbation.

Although masturbation is great fun for one and is quite healthy for guys to engage in, too much of it might be keeping you from your due orgasms in the height of lovemaking. There are a couple of reasons this could be happening and I’m pretty sure they’ll come as no shock to you.

First, if you masturbate more often than you urinate on any given day, then perhaps the fact that your testosterone levels are so low that you simply cannot bring yourself to climax amid sexual contact with your woman is causing it. So stop giving yourself so many hands, and give her a hand or two instead.

Secondly, if you masturbate in an aggressive manner in which you squeeze your penis or pump it aggressively with your hand, you may be diminishing some of the sensitivity. And since a vagina can never measure up to the aggression that a hand achieves, men ultimately don’t get that bang-up job they’re seeking.



How to ejaculate faster.

[image width=”350″ height=”226″ align=”left” title=”sex tips to ejaculate faster” alt=”7 tips to ejaculate faster” border=”” caption=”” zoom=”0″]/images/7-tips-to-ejaculate-faster.jpg[/image]It’s important that men realize that a delay in ejaculating is not a major sexual dysfunction, and IS NOT a disease. It’s crucial to remember that climax problems are generally learned behavior, and are very treatable.

Ladies, you have a major part in this ‘therapy’ to help guys cum faster, and there are many tips you can try to help your guy ejaculate quicker. Here are some tips that guys and their partners can try to help achieve a faster climax.

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7 Tips to Ejaculate Faster

  1. Avoid Masturbation (Stop masturbating for a week or more and you might be surprised how fast you ejaculate)
  2. Suck his finger (Ladies – distract him by sucking his finger. It’s a distraction – and it’s erotic and feels great!)
  3. Try a different position (Try Cowgirl position for more direct stimulation to the penis – and faster ejaculation)
  4. Make some noise (The more noise a woman makes during sex – the more of a turn on it is for most guys)
  5. Grab his keester (Many men enjoy the stimulation and pressure from grabbing his butt during sex)
  6. Squeeze the penis (squeezing the penis forces more blood to the ‘head’ and increases sensitivity)
  7. Try Kegel Exercises (Strengthen your pelvic muscles and you’ll notice more control during intercourse)

What works best to ejaculate faster? Any of the tips mentioned above can have a major impact on your ability to ejaculate quickly – or achieve orgasm if you were unable to previously. As we’ve mentioned, masturbation and especially frequent masturbation can be one of the biggest detractors from normal climaxes, as it generally reduces a man’s “horniness” – not to mention that some men get too used to their own hand – if you know what we mean!

As we mentioned in #7 above – Kegel exercises can be a great way to strengthen and control your pelvic muscles – which gives men more control during intercourse. Kegel exercises are easy to do and can be done quickly safely in the privacy of your own home.

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VIDEO – Gain Control with Kegel Exercises

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Oh crap – now I ejaculate TOO FAST!

If you’ve followed these tips a bit too effectively and now you cum TOO fast – we have the answers for that as well. If you suffer from premature ejaculation or just want to last longer in bed, premature ejaculation pills are your ticket to long-lasting and more enjoyable sex.

The quickest and easiest way to stop premature ejaculation is with a medically formulated premature ejaculation pill, and several of these products are listed on this website. These products are both potent and safe, and usually very successfully eliminate PE without side effects or loss of sensation or pleasure.

Several excellent products are available which can stop premature ejaculation and increase sexual stamina – as well as provide harder erections and several other sexual performance benefits.  While there are no approved drugs for premature ejaculation in North America, there ARE natural products that work extremely well. Check out our top rated premature ejaculation supplements to find the product that will help you get your sexual stamina back and elevate your sexual performance!

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